Friday, January 10, 2014

How I Earn $25-$50 in Amazon Gift Cards from Swagbucks Every Month

I am happy to say that I was able to pay for most of my three children’s Christmas presents this year by using Swagbucks.  
The good news is Swagbucks doesn’t make you start at zero. The site automatically gives you 30 Swagbucks just for creating an account. Once you’ve set up your account, you can start earning more Swagbucks in a variety of ways
I usually spend about an hour each morning while I eat my breakfast and drink coffee to work on Swagbucks while I do others things (like e-mail, Facebook) and I now earn about about $25-$50 in Amazon giftcards per month. Here’s how:
1. Using the Facebook page: People post whether they are on “dubs” or “trips”, which means that they have gotten 2 or 3 search wins. If I know that other people have gotten 2 wins, then I continue to search after my first win until I do, too. (If everyone is only on singles, then I don’t waste my time searching more.) 15-30 points per day
2. Swagbucks TV mobile: I start SBTV mobile every morning on myKindle and only have to monitor it to make sure it hasn’t frozen on any commercial. 50 points per day
3. Radium One Offers: The Swagbucks Facebook page usually has people that comment about which offers are crediting and don’t require spending any money. I use this info to quickly find the offers, sign up, and get points. They also usually have offers for printing coupons or watching videos. 10-20 points per day
4. Encrave: Right now, after getting a search win or doing the NOSO, you can click on a page with lots and lots of offers that simply require you to click on links to get points. 30-50 points per day
5. Jun videos: These all earn 2 points and can usually be found on the homepage or ledger. They are not always there, but when they are, can net between 10-50 points.
6. Surveys: I don’t spend much time on these, but if I see a survey that takes less than 10 minutes, I do it. I usually get about one per week. 50 points per week
7. Making my goal: By doing all the above steps, I make my points goal every day. This gives me a bonus of about 500 points every month!
8. Search: Rather than using your regular search engine, log into Swagbucks and enter your search in the search bar. As you perform online searches you’ll occasionally be rewarded Swagbucks in varying amounts. 
If you do win Swagbucks during a particular search, a small screen will appear telling you how many you’ve won. You’ll have to enter a security/captcha code to confirm you’re a human and not a robot, then the Swagbucks get added to your account.
9. Search on FridayFriday is known as Mega Swagbucks day to Swaggernauts (aka Swagbucks users). All day, every Friday you have a better chance to win higher denominations of Swagbucks for your searches. For instance, where you may normally only win 8 Swagbucks in a typical search on Friday you could earn 30.
10. Daily PollEarn 1 Swagbuck for every day you answer a simple daily poll. You can access the poll through the toolbar or the Swagbucks home page. Think of it this way – one daily poll multiplied by 30 days in a month equals 30 Swagbucks. Do know, however, that you will only earn a Swagbuck for the current day’s poll, not previous polls.
11. ShopEarn Swagbucks the next time you shop online. Much like you can earn cash back when you shop through sites like Ebates and Cashbaq and Shop at Home, you can earn points when you shop most major online retailers through Swagbucks portal. Instead of earning cash back, like you do on many other sites, you earn a certain number of Swagbucks for every dollar you spend online.

 I love that I have been able to get my three kids presents for their birthdays without having to go into our savings or use the credit card.  The Swagbuck store offers many prizes to choose from including gift cards to popular retailers such as Starbucks, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Once you’ve earned the number of Swagbucks needed for the prize of your choice, you can redeem them.  My favorite rewards are Amazon gift cards.
Your turn: How have you earned the most Swagbucks? What tips do you have for newbie Swaggernauts?

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