Friday, December 31, 2010

End of the year

The year is almost over and boy did it fly by!  As I look back on the past year, I realize that a lot has changed.  I have found a church that I love and attend regularly.  I am actually getting baptized Jan 2nd!  I wanted to read the whole bible this year and I am proud to say that I have! :)  lost my job but recently have gotten another one.  I finally went to the dentist, something that I had been putting off for a long long time, and survived!  But most of the changes you may not notice.  Most of the changes have been within me.  My priorities have changed.  My focus had mostly been on having a baby and while that is still important it is not my top priority.  We will continue to try to have a baby, which is taking longer than we had thought. 2 1/2 years and counting!

This year my little love bug had her first day at school.  And she isn't so little any more.  Where did my little baby go?????? She has turned into a beautiful and fun "big girl"!  She is turning out to be like me.  I can't get her into a dress, she loves to wrestle, likes cars and sometimes plays with her dolls. She is no girlie girl, that's for sure!

In January I will be starting my oral meds for our next round of IVM. (See previous post)  I have to be on them for at least 3 months before doing any procedures.  Hopefully no more mayor expenses  pop up.  We have already had to buy 4 new tires for the truck, a  new fuel pump for my explorer, our cat was diagnosed with cancer so we had to put her down, our pitt has a bacterial infection on her skin and the rotti is due for her annual shots.  It seems like it is never ending sometimes.  So hopefully in April/May we will begin again.

As I sit here, I wonder what this next year will hold for our family.  Will will finally have the baby that we have dreamed of for so long?  Will I like my new job?  Will the economy get any better?  Where will we go for vacation?  Will I be able to do all the things that I want to do?  Will I ever be able to get my love bug in a dress????????????

Who knows what this year will bring. I do know that there will be laughter, plenty of hugs, probably some pain and some tears.  A roller coaster would be no fun without the ups and downs.  I only get to ride this life once and I want to enjoy it!  I pray that the times of laughter outnumber the times of pain and there are more hugs than tears.

Psalm for the Day